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An example of a "Miracle".  But it does not take a miracle to save a child, "it just takes Responsible Code or Responsible Legislators making Responsible Laws"

Car breaks toddler's 6-story fall

The NACWS recognizes and appreciates this organization's effort to create safer windows in public housing by installing window safety screens on a large renovation project.

Previous Winner: Chicago Housing Authority

"There is a reasonable expectation that a child should be safe within his/her own home."

"There is a reasonable expectation that any window capable of being opened, will be opened!"


Lendlease Communities

"Raising awareness for the dangers of window falls and encouraging fall prevention"

National Association for Child Window Safety

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Caught on Camera Child Window Fall- 2017

Toddler falls from apartment window in Opa-locka

Working to provide a safer tomorrow for children.

The National Association for Child Window Safety is a nation wide, nonprofit association. 
In 2006, a 2 year old girl fell through an apartment window screen four stories to the concrete below.  Motivated by this tragedy, our founder, began working with Minnesota Legislation to pass "Laela's Law", named in honor of the young girl who through a miracle survived the fall. The realization that it did not take a miracle to save a child, only responsible legislation, paved the way to begin working on passing similar laws in other states.

Window falls account for numerous childhood deaths and 4,700 injuries for children each year.  Most of these children are under three years old.  Children living in apartment buildings have the highest number of window fall incidents — five times more than children living in other residences. But this worry faces mothers and fathers from every economic status.  Even the rich and famous, such as Eric Clapton, have lost children to window falls.

Passive Guards, such as Child Safety Screens and Guard Bars have been proven to prevent more than 96% of child window falls.

After a meeting with ASTM subcommittee in 2017, the NACWS decided this new standard is what we will now     present to the ICC.

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